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The department store’s Louise Pearson says it is a case of, "one floor, great brands, great savings, great prices all in one location all year round. There has been a big shift in the way we shop with traditional bricks and mortar taking on online, and consumers are the winners. The bustling, second level, at Myer’s Frankston store, 50km from the city centre, is where you'll find the company's low-cost sister outlet - all the same designer brands, but at bargain basement prices. Dominique Lamb form the National Retailers Association says Myer is creating quite the stir. "We've seen it work internationally and we're certainly sure it will work here in Australia as well," Ms Lamb said. "Retailers are certainly using a lot of innovation at the moment. We're seeing a lot of pivoting and a lot of innovation in order to attract as many consumers into their stores." Drawing inspiration from Nordstrom's specialised clearance stores in the US, Myer's new sale outlets is being billed as the first line of defence against Amazon, which is due to roll-out it's retail offering for Australian's over the next couple of years. And for now, it appears to be working. In Frankston, foot traffic is up, and so too is sales.

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