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As a result, people from the seven countries - Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen - with valid visas were able to travel to the US again. European diplomats uncertain about US What did the Department of Justice argue? The brief filed on Monday evening said the Washington court had "erred in entering an injunction barring enforcement of the order". "But even if some relief were appropriate, the court's sweeping nationwide injunction is vastly overbroad," the Department of Justice added. The key arguments in the brief are: the president is best placed to make decisions about national security it is "incorrect" to call it a ban on Muslims because the seven countries were identified for their terror risk the executive order is therefore "neutral with respect to religion" aliens outside the US have no rights to due process Confusion at airports The executive order issued by President Trump on 25 January fulfilled his campaign promise to tighten restrictions on arrivals to the US. Its main components were: nationals from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen - even those with visas - banned from entering the US; a temporary ban on all refugee admissions; the reprioritisation of minority religion (interpreted to mean Christian) refugee claims; a ban on all Syrian refugees; a cap on total annual refugee admissions to the US of 50,000. It caused confusion at US and foreign airports when it came into force, and was widely condemned, although polls suggest that US public opinion is sharply divided on the policy. Who has spoken out against the ban? The states of Washington and Minnesota have argued that as well as being unconstitutional, the travel ban is harmful ครีมบํารุงผิวหน้ายี่ห้อไหนดี to their residents, businesses and universities. Attorneys general in 16 states have signed a letter condemning the ban, and lawsuits have been launched in 14 states. Former secretaries of state John Kerry and Madeleine Albright and former CIA director Leon Panetta have joined others in drafting a letter which describes the travel ban as ineffective, dangerous and counterproductive.

This allows you to use a sheer layer of base, since you know your concealer will provide that extra coverage if needed. Florence Welch (Photo: Getty Images) More Use the back of your hand and a fluffy brush Avoid a cakey look by warming up your concealer before application and using a brush to blend seamlessly. Makeup artist Lisa Aharon says, Scrape a bit of concealer onto the back of your hand before applying it. This warms up the product a bit and helps to disperse it before applying. Once the texture feels right, Aharon suggests using a small but fluffy eyeshadow brush to apply the concealer. It allows you to achieve a smooth finish and diffuses the product as youre applying it. If you need extra coverage, you can use the same brush to pat on a little more without depositing too much, which can make it look cakey, she says. Pro picks:I love Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage s ($35) dry texture, which can be wonderful for oilier skin and fresh blemishes. You can mask anything from a little spot or imperfection to a tattoo with it. their explanation Chanel Correcteur Perfection Long Lasting Concealer ($42) is a lighter fluid formulation and works great under the eye and for areas of the face that need brightening and fuller coverage. Allison Williams (Photo: Getty Images) More Use your concealer to fake good brows If youre pressed for time or simply forgot to groom your brows, concealer can save the day. Makeup artist Michael Anthony says an angled brush, your makeup sponge, and a light touch will do the trick. I love using concealer very lightly to underscore the eyebrow.

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