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"It was this horrible reality that it wasn't going to work," says Johanna. "I was now reacting strongly to my husband. Before this I had reacted to my parents, to many, many other people, but it was horrific when it became Scott." Find out more Image copyright Jen Jacobs Photography (Minneapolis, MN) Listen to Johanna and Scott's interview กระเป๋าเป้เดินทาง on Outlook , on the BBC World Service Get the Outlook podcast for more extraordinary real-life stories เป้สะพายหลัง ยี่ห้ออะไรดี The treatment and medication that is usually given to MCAS sufferers does not help Johanna, so at the moment the couple do not know when - if ever - their situation will change. "There's not an easy way around this problem. I want to keep Johanna safe and me going to see her compromises her safety," says Scott. "One of the ways I can take care of her now is by not going to see her. I'm not going to endanger her life. We're absolutely committed to one another and we're going to wait as long as it takes to see if there is some kind of healing." Doctors are trying different treatments, but none so far have helped. "They don't know if I will get well, and so we hope and we pray that I will," says Johanna. "I have had anaphylaxis, which is a life-threatening allergic reaction, more times than we can keep track of. My life could end quickly.

PETA took notice, and last December, the animal advocacy organisation produced a video showing the mistreatment of crocodiles on a Vietnam farm allegedly used to supply fashion brands like the trio above with leather for bags, wallets, watches, and other high-end items. This week, they took the cause one step further, securing a single share of LVMH on the Euronext Paris in an effort "to put pressure on the company to stop selling exotic skins merchandise," PETA explained in a written statement . Every PETA expose of the exotic-skins industry has found sensitive living beings crammed into filthy pits, hacked apart, and left to die, said PETA President Ingrid Newkirk. From demonstrating on the street to speaking up in the boardroom, PETA will push LVMH to stop selling any bag, watchband, or shoe made from a reptiles skin. Since 2014, the LVMH group and its suppliers definitively ceased working with the farms mentioned by PETA," a spokesperson for LVMH said in a response to the animal rights organisation excerpted on The Cut. "The practices referred to by PETA are totally contrary to the principles and rules of the LVMH group. PETA was informed of all these elements prior to diffusing its video. This is not the first time PETA has attempted to influence fashion brands via a little creative playing of the stock market. In 2015, the group bought shares of Hermes International on the Paris stock exchange in an attempt to stop their sourcing of exotic alligator and crocodile skin, later going so far as to attend the Hermes annual shareholders meeting in Paris to protest . In 2016, they turned their attention to Prada's use of ostrich skin . Whether or not they'll show up at LVMH's next shareholders' meeting remains to be seen.

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