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REUTERS/Ammar Abdullah 3/5 left right Civil defense members work at a site hit by airstrikes in the rebel-held city of Idlib, Syria February 7, 2017. REUTERS/Ammar Abdullah 4/5 left right People search for survivors under the rubble of a site hit by airstrikes in the rebel-held city of Idlib, Syria February 7, 2017. REUTERS/Ammar Abdullah 5/5 AMMAN At least 15 people died in ผ้าปูที่นอน สวย ๆ ถูก air strikes on the rebel-held Syrian city of Idlib on Tuesday, in some of the heaviest raids there in months, residents and a rescue worker said. Around eight attacks by what were believed to be Russian jets wounded scores of people and leveled several multi-storey buildings in residential areas of the northwestern city, they added. "We are still pulling bodies from the rubble," Issam al Idlibi, a volunteer civil defense worker, said. Most of the casualties were civilians and the death toll would probably rise, he added. The extent of the damage and the debris bore the hallmarks of a Russian attack, said two witnesses. There was no immediate comment from Moscow. Russian planes have targeted a number of towns and villages in the area since entering the Syrian conflict in September 2015 to back ally President Bashar al-Assad. But activists and residents said there had been a reduction of Russian strikes in Idlib province since a Turkish-Russian brokered cessation of hostilities late December. Planes from the U.S.-led coalition have also launched a number of attacks in the rural province, a major stronghold of jihadists, many of them formerly affiliated to al Qaeda.

Ali Dodd, whom Broadly interviewed earlier this year, started the Shepard's Watch foundation to improve daycare safety in her home state of Oklahoma after her months-old son, Shepard, died in a provider's care. According to Dodd, Shepard was placed in a car seat to sleep and left alone for two hours; while he was unattended, he slipped down and suffocated, unable to lift his head. The nonprofit is advocating for improved sleep safety and education. (Dodd says Shepard "was forced" into daycare after she and her husband ran out of saved money and needed to return to work.) "I was determined not to let this happen at another facility," Dodd said. The day before we spoke, two bills she'd worked on were signed by her governor. One requires all DHS-licensed facilities to put infants on safe sleeping surfaces. The other requires that parents placing their children in home daycare must receive and sign a notification stating that they know the facility is uninsured. "Back then, the provider wouldn't even have to tell them," she said. "We were being irresponsible with our more precious lives. It was unacceptable." For More Stories Like This, Sign Up for Our Newsletter Dodd, Noble, and Martin don't think that there's a single fix to prevent SUIDS at home daycare facilities. "I wish it was a one-faceted issue, because then it'd be fixed," Dodd said.

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