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Supreme Court and the Florida Supreme Court in separate cases. "The law establishes clear statutory standards for how the death penalty can be applied in Florida," said Robert Dunham, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center. The statute, signed by Republican Governor Rick Scott, makes Florida the latest U.S. state to require death penalties to be imposed only after a unanimous recommendation by a jury. Only Alabama you could try these out still allows a judge to impose capital punishment without the unanimous agreement of a jury, Dunham said. The measure was passed quickly by the state's Republican-controlled legislature after the Florida Supreme Court in October struck down a previous law that allowed judges to impose the death penalty if 10 jurors recommended it. In January 2016, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a still earlier Florida law, saying it unconstitutionally let judges determine the facts that would lead to a death sentence, rather than juries. That law also allowed judges to override a jury's recommendation or impose the death penalty if a majority of jurors recommended it. Executions in Florida, home to the nation's second-largest death row, have been on hold since the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling.

We dont waste wood, said Susan Mast, who has owned the shop with her husband, Gareth, since 1985. Their two adult sons, Jon and Jason, are the gallerys principal artists, and their two dogs often shepherd visitors around the shop. When we cut corners off blanks, we make them into Christmas ornaments, she said. Small pieces become pen blanks or key rings, or are used for small projects. Shavings are made into flowers and the sawdust becomes mulch for our myrtle-tree nursery. In winter, we are able to get wood from trees that fall down during winter storms. We value living trees more than wood. Our policy is, If the tree is healthy, let it grow. The showroom collection runs the gamut of all manner of utilitarian items, right down to an exquisite (and very expensive) rocking chair. But the eye is drawn, in particular, to a series of highly detailed carvings by artist Lee Fisher, whose legacy is preserved in eye-catching representations of seascapes and wildlife 10 years after his death.

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